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If you live in Joliet, IL and your drivers license is revoked or suspended, Michael R. Johnson can provide you with everything that you need for a successful Joliet, IL Formal or Informal Hearing, including: scheduling, preparation and legal representation.

Joliet, IL Drivers License Reinstatement SOS, DMV Hearing Lawyer

Joliet, IL A Secretary of State Driver's License Hearing Lawyer Can Help Get You Back on the Road in the State of Illinois.

Losing your driver's license, whether it is suspended or revoked, is a serious matter. Without the ability to legally drive a car, you will lose many of your personal freedoms. Without a valid license, it is illegal for you to drive, regardless of your needs. Without a valid license, it is illegal for you to drive to the grocery store, drive to work, take your children to school or even drive someone to the hospital in the event of a medical emergency. Public transportation may be available in Joliet, IL for some of your needs, but eventually you will have a need to drive your car.

The worst thing you can do, after losing your driving privileges, is to continue to drive in Joliet, IL . Ignoring your loss of driving privileges will only complicate your problems. Driving with a revoked or suspended State of Illinois license, may result in extensions of your eligibility date or imprisonment - far worse than being subjected to riding the Joliet, IL bus or walking to get to where you need to go.

Joliet, IL - Special circumstances

Basically, there are no special circumstances. If your license is revoked or suspended in Joliet, IL, you may not legally drive for any reason in any State including Illinois unless, you have a valid RDP (Restricted Driving Permit from the Secretary of State) or an MDDP (Monitoring Device Driving Permit from an Illinois court).

The Secretary of State can issue Restricted Driving Permits (RDPs) to Petitioners who are eligible for driving relief. RDPs can be issued for a number of different purposes, including: Employment, Education, Medical, Support or very specific needs of family members.

Your eligibility and needs will dictate what type of permit you can be issued. A qualified Secretary of State can best advise you on your options and can also help you properly petition the Secretary of State to obtain the most appropriate type of Restricted Driving Permit.

Joliet, IL - Steps to Restoring your Drivers License

The First Step to restoring your Joliet, IL driver's license is to get your driving record "cleaned up". This means removing any stops that would prevent you from petitioning the Secretary of State for driving relief. Issues such as unpaid tickets, failures to appear, unsatisfied judgments, financial responsibility issues and/or unpaid child support can prevent you from even being allowed to have a Joliet, IL Hearing. A driver's license reinstatement lawyer will help you identify and resolve these issues before your first Joliet, IL Hearing.

Next, it is time to arrange for the Hearing to be held. Formal Hearings can be held in: Joliet, Chicago, Springfield or Mt. Vernon and require the submission of a Hearing Request with a fee of $50. Informal Hearings can be held at any one of a number of different locations in Joliet, IL and do not require a fee. A qualified lawyer can help you determine which type of Hearing is required and where the best location is for your situation.

While scheduling of the appropriate hearing is being processed, it will be necessary to get all of your documents together. Having the correct and necessary documentation is absolutely required to be successful at a Joliet, IL Secretary of State Hearing. If your documentation is incorrect, lacking or insufficient for hearing purposes, you need to work with your lawyer, evaluator and treatment provider to make the necessary corrections and changes.

Once the documentation is prepared for a Joliet, IL Hearing, it is time to prepare YOU for a Hearing. Prior to attending the actual hearing, you will need to meet with your lawyer by phone or in person to prepare for the testimony that will be required to help you successfully win at the Secretary of State Hearing. This process is very compliance driven and strict compliance is demanded by the Secretary of State. Anything less will result in being denied. A Denial will require you to incur additional costs for more paperwork and spend more time pursuing your much needed driving relief.

Your first Joliet, IL SOS / DMV Hearing is the most important Hearing. At the first Hearing, you are given your one and only chance to make a good first impression. Shoddy paperwork, incomplete documentation, inconsistencies in testimony and poor preparation will only create more problems. Preparation for the first hearing is incredibly important and will help you succeed before the Secretary of State. This is why an experienced and qualified lawyer is worth the expense. A bad first Hearing will result in a Denial, which could require multiple Hearings to address issues that could have been avoided with the help of a qualified attorney.

At the Joliet, IL Hearing, you will be required to submit certain documents, which might include: Uniform Reports / Evaluations, Report Updates, Treatment Verification, Treatment Waivers, Continuing Care Status Reports, Treatment Plans, After Care Plans, Discharge Summaries, Documentation of Abstinence, Documentation of Support, Proof of Hardship and/or Medical Reports. At the Hearing, you will also be required to testify with respect to your past substance use, symptoms of abuse and dependency and any steps that have been taken to resolve your problematic substance use.

Depending on the exact type of revocation or suspension of your license and your eligibility date, a successful Joliet, IL Hearing will result in an Order being issued that provides for either Reinstatement of your Driver's License or the Issuance of a Restricted Driving Permit. An unsuccessful Hearing, on the other hand, will require scheduling another hearing and complying with the recommendations of the Hearing Officer - both of which cost time and money. An experienced Driver's License Reinstatement Lawyer will work with you to insure that your documents and testimony meet the requirements of the Secretary of State.

Joliet, IL - How to avoid getting your driver's license suspended or revoked in Illinois

Having your driver's license suspended or revoked is a lot more than a minor inconvenience in Joliet, IL . The loss of personal freedom can be immense, and if you are not able to drive yourself to work, it can even lead to job loss if you live in an area without decent public transportation.

A good lawyer, with Secretary of State experience, can help get you back on the road, enabling you to make it to your Joliet, IL job on time as well as sustain your social life. But it's best to do everything you can to avoid having your driver's license suspended or revoked in the first place.

Joliet, IL - Some of the reasons you can lose your driver's license include the following:

Joliet, IL Habitual traffic violations or in the state of Illinois. If you receive three convictions for moving violations in a one-year period, your license will be suspended. This is not something that is up to a Joliet, IL judge's discretion, but mandatory. A computer program is set up to automatically suspend your license when you reach the threshold of three moving violations convictions.

In Joliet, IL or Illinois ten or more unpaid parking tickets will also result in suspension, requiring all of the tickets to be paid in order to receive a driver's license reinstatement.

Joliet, IL Under the "Deadbeats Don't Drive" program, if you fail to pay child support your license will be suspended.

If you fail to pay a fine for a traffic violation in Joliet, IL your license could be revoked or suspended.

If you are found physically or psychologically unable to drive safely.

Joliet, IL Reckless driving or being at fault in a fatal accident can cause suspension.

Driving without proof of proper insurance.

Driving on a suspended license or with no license at all will ultimately lengthen the suspension.

In Joliet, IL or Illinois driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in a suspension and/or revocation of your license.

And there are many other causes for having your driver's license revoked or suspended in Joliet, IL or Illinois.

While most of these Joliet, IL incidents are avoidable just by being a responsible Joliet, IL driver, mistakes happen, as do instances that are beyond even the most prudent person's control. For example, you might receive a Joliet, IL speeding ticket and send a payment off in the mail thinking that it's been taken care of only to find out further down the road that the court never received payment, or that there was an accounting error in processing it. If you haven't updated your Joliet, IL address with the Secretary of State, you might not be aware that your license is suspended.

Whether you've made an error in judgment or if you believe your license was suspended unfairly, the first thing you should do is contact a driver's license hearing lawyer in order to improve the chances of getting your license back as quickly as possible, in Joliet, IL.

Ignoring the problem is the worst thing you can do, and trying to excuse it by saying you didn't know your license was suspended is not a defense. The Joliet, IL court will find you at fault, even if you didn't receive the notice because you are responsible for notifying the Secretary of State when you changed your Joliet, IL address.

Driving on a suspended or revoked license is a serious offense. Be sure to consult with a Joliet, IL driver's license hearing lawyer to get your driver's license reinstated quickly. Being on the road without a valid license is illegal and may result in an Joliet, IL arrest and possible imprisonment.

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